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Sources of Information

Several people have told me how useful they have found the information that I add to the photographs so I thought that I should acknowledge the source of this text - perhaps people might be spurred to undertake some research of their own!

If I have offended anyone by copying from their web site then please forgive me - this is a purely non-commercial venture aimed at sharing the delights of Petersfield Heath and Pond!


The information is displayed in alphabetic order of subject. Click on a link to visit each web site - these will open in a new window - click on the cross on the new tab to return to this page.

Clicking on an item in the Subject column will take you to the appropriate page on this web site.

Friends of Petersfield Heath

Subject - on this web site Source web sites (1) Source web sites (2)
American Pekin Breedlist Pethelpfull
Blackbirds RSPB  
Black Swans Hayden's Animal Facts RSPB
Blue Tits - Long Tailed Tits RSPB  
Canada Geese Wikipedia  
Coots British Garden Birds The Phrase Finder
Conkers Google Ilkley Rotary Club
Standard iNews
Cormarants British Trust for Ornithology  
Crows RSPB Live Science
Dogs Wikipedia Purely Pets Insurance
Egyptian Geese British Waterfowl Association (1) British Waterfowl Association (2)
Flowers Wikipedia  
Fungi Woodland Trust  
Greater Crested Grebe British Trust for Ornithology  
Greylag Goose Scottish Wildlife Trust Beauty of Birds
Grey Squirrels Woodland Trust Wildlife Trust
Heron Wild Life Trust RSPB
Horse Chestnut Tree Woodland Trust  
House Sparrow RSPB  
Ice and Snow The I A for the P of Water and  
Jackdaws RSPB Discover Wild Life
Jays Vine House Farm  
Khaki Campbells Beauty of Birds Knowledge Base Look See
Little Egret Wildlife Trust Bird Facts  
Magpies RSPB    
Mallards Mistle Thrush British Trust for Ornothology  
Moorhens British Garden Birds  
Muscovey Duck British Waterfowl Association The Happy Chicken Coop
Nuthatch RSPB Woodland Trust
Petersfield Heath and Pond Friends of Petersfield Heath  
Ponds and Lakes Grace College Google Search
Wikipedia Mental Floss
Puli (Hungarian dog) Wikipedia  
Rats Royal Horticultural Society  
Reed Warbler The Wildlife Trusts  
Redwing RSPB Wildlife Trusts
Robins RSPB Feed the Birds
Ruddy Shellduck Slimbridge Wetlands Centre  
Seagulls RSPB  
Swans Beauty of Birds  
Toulouse Geese Wikipedia The Beauty of Birds
Tufted Ducks The Wildlife Trusts  
Urban Fox The Natural History Museum  
Wren British Bird Food Living With Birds
Wood Pigeon RSPB Garden Bird