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Catrina the Covid-19 Snake

To see a larger copy of each image click on it; to see the next large image click at the right of the image, to go back click on the left of the image. To close a large image click on the cross in the top right hand corner.

The latest photographs are shown at the bottom of each section - click on bottom1 to see the latest photographs of single or groups of stones and bottom2 to see the latest photgraphs of the whole snake




A lovely idea - I wonder who Catrina is and whether it was her idea to start the snake!

Sadly there have been some thougtless acts: just after it was started it disappeared completely, but did start up again.

Then we know of at least two stones (both Liz's) which were removed - we can only take this a complement!

I don't know how big it will grow, but as long as I can get to photograph it I'll keep adding to this page!


I started off photographing the whole snake but as it got longer and longer I could no longer (pun intended!) fit the whole snake into the view finder. Click on the link to see the photographs of the complete snake.

From the 10 June I started taking photographs of single stones or groups of two or more stones and these are shown from the top of this page. I apologise if I have missed your stone: I have taken a random selection from along the snake, choosing stones that would show up well and have caught my eye!

Their arrangement on this page is entirely random.


The Whole Snake

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25 May
28 May   30 May
31 May   1 June
On the 2 June Liz added her stone - it's the last one in the tail:
2 June   But by the next day it had GONE!
On the 4 June Liz left another stone - again the last one on the snake below:
4 June
Liz supplied two new stones
6 June
7 June
8 June   10 June
16 July
8 August 2020
12 September: the autumn leaves are beginning to cover the snake!
Early November - is this the end of the Covid-19 Snake?


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