Prayer Impact: Introduction

Prayer Impact is a scheme which seeks to unite Christians in Petersfield to pray for their neighbours.

It was launched in all the PACT Churches on Sunday 25 January 2004 when all Church members were invited to join or form a PI Prayer group to pray for their neighbours.

Groups of Christians, often members of different churches, meet together on a regular basis to pray for their neighbours - the basis of the scheme is that neighbours are praying with neighbours for their neighbours. The membership of a Prayer Impact groups is based on location - members live close to each other thus avoiding problems of transport.

Some groups meet each week, most meet once a month; some groups meet for half an hour - other share a meal before praying and the session lasts a whole evening. There is no fixed pattern.

This web site will provide you with information on how to start a Prayer Impact group, how to operate a group and some stories about the activities of groups. We hope that you will be inspired to form or join a group - and if you are already a member of a group that you will continue!

If you would like to find our more look at the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page on this web site or contact John Studd: or telephone 01730 264857.